Why I Invested in Ethereum

Bitcoin has risen above 7,000 USD. I would have never seen this coming because I completely ignored Bitcoin's existence over the past couple of years. I completely regret this decision because it could have changed my life. Fret not, there is another wave of reinvention making an appearance.

Substantially growing in value over the past year, Ethereum is a contender that will revolutionize the world wide web. Imagine a game server such as World of Warcraft, and consider what happens when their servers go down. Nobody will be able to log into the game and continue playing the game. If game servers were built on Ethereum and that consisted over hundreds of thousands of game server nodes; one node going down is not going to end the gaming experience.

Ethereum is meant to decentralize applications and websites. Which means that it will no longer be insanely expensive to run traffic through servers and renting out entire computer servers will be a thing of the past. A world that does not rely on hosting companies to provide servers to visit a website is breathtaking and revolutionary technology.

If that doesn't sound revolutionary here's a few interesting links to take a look at. There's also an insane amount of big name companies backing Ethereum.

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