Token Card's scope is much larger than I thought.

Token Card allows users to spend ERC20 tokens in the crypto space. The core of this is that it allows you to use TokenCard at any standard terminal; consider this a debit card for crypto-currency.

Let's take a moment and realize what that could mean for the entire space of cryptocurrency. If we take a look at Etherscan Token Market Capitalization you will see that there are a total of 17,638+ Tokens.

Most people are limited to seeing LiteCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and its bretherin, Dash, etc. There's big name coins with big prices, but I don't think anyone realizes the power house that is lurking behind the support of ALL ERC20 TOKENS.

Ethereum's market cap as of this post is around $45,736,132,225. This does not include the little guys. Ethereum alone has a pretty large market cap. Yet all ERC20 Tokens together pack a solid number of $12,767,397,480; that's about 1/4 the value of Ethereum.

In the next year plenty of new ICOs and ERC20 tokens will be popping up to increase the market cap of all ERC20 tokens and possibly even passing Ethereum alone. If TokenCard is able to natively support all of these tokens what will other companies have to offer? Especially if TokenCard adopts the rest of the fray as well.

Token Card basically supports over 17,600+ currencies out of the box. That's huge.