A box was opened and inside was a solution to cut out every single middle man in every single business in the world. There was a very abrupt rise in block chain technology and Bitcoin became the talk of the town in the last year. Every mom, pop, and kid wanted to own a piece of this new technology. Not for the sole value of what it would mean from a technical perspective but for intrinsic value of fiat currency.

It all came crashing back down because there was a lack of understanding in what this technology would do for the world. Everyone was too focused on becoming the next millionaire and finding a quick way to get out of their financial woes. A majority of people who were told to buy some Bitcoin last year aren't even aware of block chain's rising brain drain. Instead they're more focused on staying at their current net value and have probably already sold their coins at a loss.

As a developer speaking in this space here's what I can see from my end. The technology didn't lose hope; universities, blue chip companies, and financial investors all have their eyes turned upon Pandora's box. What was once a service to handle consumer's information and pass them back a product is now a de-service. This has all become completely automated and there is no need for a middle man to process every single payment, product, and quality assurance to get to the consumer.

Companies are looking to speed up the growth of block chain because the bottom line for these major companies is making the most money. What better way to increase your profits than to completely remove tax, credit processing surcharges, and bestow a users responsibility for their product back upon the user.

No middle man will be getting between User A and User B because they no longer need to know who they are and charge them accordingly. They just need to know if you have the money to buy our product.