Minecraft Plugins:

D.U.M. - Dangerous Underground Mining - This plugin will create a strenuous underground experience while mining deeply.‚Äč Forces players into reinforcing their mines with wood to ensure there are no cave-ins.

Alien Swarm Map Pack:

Map Pack 1.2 - A few of my maps are featured in this pack. It includes maps that I made under the username of 'Lycosa'. You can find Savage Canopy, Industrial Jungle, and Frosty 2.0. Industrial Jungle and Frosty 2.0 landed in the UK PC Gamer Magazine a couple years ago as featured maps.

Fallout 4 Mods:

Simply Modular Housing - Build a house completely from scratch with modular housing pieces.

Alternate Settlements - The legacy version of Simply Modular housing where the mod itself was made before proper modding tools.