Brave Browser is your Default Browser

You've opened up your web browser for the hundredth time today and begin looking through your favorite websites. This time around the content is directly in your face and small empty spaces span across everything you're reading. Where ads used to be no longer exist. It's a change for the better and you are now paying more attention to the article written than the ads that are thrown across the content.

The Brave Browser disconnects users from intrusive ads, tracking, and general annoyances. No longer will we have to constantly stare at ads telling us we've won a contest or even look at an amazing new product catered to our needs.

The data you've put together in your digital profile is entirely silent for every web page you visit.

Finding the direct download link on a web page with a dozen download images is now easier than ever. This is saving computers from plenty of malware, Trojans, and explicitly bad practices.

Opening up and watching that new video isn't going to take you an extra thirty seconds because you're forced to watch an ad you don't want to. It's now completely optional and if you really want to watch that ad they should pay you for it. Your attention is worth more than you think.

Everything ad related is now completely out of view and blocked. You also notice that this may be one of the fastest web browsers you have ever used. You are no longer loading pointless garbage on each web page you visit.

Brave is your go to browser for human good. Save yourself from corporate greed, keep your life out of corporate hands, and install Brave today.