About Me:

My name is Trevor Wessel. I go by the online handle Stuyk.

When I was younger my parents had an old apple computer. This old apple computer was my first exposure to a real computer. This apple computer came with video games and this helped fuel my interest in video games. The first game that I purchased for the computer called 'Think Tanks'. The community produced basic modification tutorials were average but it gave me exposure modifying game files. These core concepts are level design, editing game files, and photo manipulation. I joined online forums and began communicating with other people online.

Then after a few years I stumbled upon a game called 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory'. I played at least 4-5 straight years of that game. It was an amazing experience. Was also introduced to a handful of my favorite bands by watching and downloading frag videos for the game. I also dabbled with some level design, but never got anywhere becuase I couldn't truly process the information.

After that I was playing Runescape and making Pivot animations. If you don't know what Pivot is, you missed out on some great years of terrible animation from inexperienced children like myself. In those years I also learned how to make shitty little signatures and joined places like Planet Renders and Droidz.org. What I gained from this is using Gimp, Photoshop, and understand basic Animation. Also easing!

Then I picked up an MMO called Conquer Online and played that for a year or two. Somewhere in here I learned how to use FL Studio and modify audio files. However I for the life of me cannot remember when. Possibly around 2008. Listening to what I made back then makes me cringe. My comments weren't any better.

Then after the Runescape years I tried to fill in that MMO Gap and ended up playing Conquer Online. I spent quite some time playing the MMO and feel bad for having my parents spend any form of money on that garbage. My bad.

Then there was Team Fortress 2 prior to Free to Play. Everyone felt like they were great at Team Fortress 2 at the time. But after Free to Play came out, it kind of ruined it for me. Got into a lot of trading with console bots at the time. Then Alien Swarm and Minecraft came out around the same time. I also think around 2010 is when I got a brand new PC with top of the line overpriced hardware inside. Only because it was Alienware and as a kid I didn't know. But once again. Thanks to my parents for supporting me.

Alien swarm was a nice little top down shooter with awesome elements that never really took off. I developed several maps for it on the side, which were mostly survival based. Two of those maps landed in PC Gamers Magazine in the UK. Got a copy of it lying around here somewhere. This also taught me the basics of Level Design and constructing game levels.

Also learned to make Websites through weebly around this time, modifying CSS elements and eventually building my own website. I took some classes to help refine my code and competed in a regional event and got first. Then we lost in state because my teammate got high and passed out.

After that I found my way over to Minecraft in its early release state. The multiplaye raspect had just come out and I started up a small cracked Minecraft server. This is around when minecart tracks didn't even work in Multiplayer. It only took a little while before we were running five or six hamachi clients to get all of the people into our server.

Eventually I left the Hamachi scene for Minecraft and I ran it off my home computer. My internet was garbage but we officially named the server 'Lycosa Gaming' specializing in cracked Minecraft Servers. You can still find a few video advertisements out there today. I even have the original websites I put together for it. Which were pretty okay, but I wish I had the talent I have now back then.

The entire experience with running a Minecraft server ruined the game for me. I will nver look at it the same, because it brought a lot of stress into my life. However I did meet a lot of very wonderful people who I still talk to today.

Stepping off from Minecraft I was playing League of Legends liek most people for a long time. Then Skyrim came around. I started playing and I didn't like the look of a few armors so I learned how to retexture them and then dropped Skyrim shortly after.

Somewhere between Minecraft and Fallout 4 I was speed running Wolfenstein(2009) and managed to discover several game breaking bugs. I also still have the World Record run for Uber Any%.

Then I started playing San Andreas Multiplayer on the Next Generation Gaming server. Was using the handle 'Ivy' at the time. Spent a lot time on there learning how to mod San Andreas. Further more learning how to make a lot of stuff work in Multiplayer specifically. This is where I learned how to really reskin models by using 3DS Max. Also how models get their textures. So I got some exposure to 3D Modeling this way.

After being on and off for San Andreas for quite some time, FAllout 4 happened to come out. I wanted to get into modding it and learning how it worked. FO4Edit came out and I kind of just... started touching things and making stuff happen. Others decoded how to add menus and then I made Alternate Settlements. Which consisted of hacked together models with spotty collission models put together carefully in Nifskope. I published a successor to this mod called Simply Modular Housing and played with some code in Papyrus. Made a dungeon generator that randomly placed tiles and enemies. This is probably my first real exposure to coding, but I wasn't really sure what I was doing.

Late 2016 I started touching C# coding. I understood syntax and how coding generally worked. I just couldn't process it for the longest time. So here we are half-way through July in 2017. I've been coding non-stop for almost 6-7 months. I've absolutely expanded my portfolio with coding and have learned a few different languages. I know have some knowledge in Javascript, C#, Typescript, and Node. I recently started messing with JQuery and Vue. I absolutely want to pursue programming as a profession, I just need to figure out how to get there. The Grand Theft Auto V server is seeing some major remodels as of late. Not only that, I've also determined that I can definitely write minigames if not an entire game itself. So what will the rest of this year hold? Well I want to try and get that server up in the next two months. Let's see if it will happen.

See you soon.