As I understand it, the collision mesh is an invisible box-within-a-box. In my previous attempt to create foundation floor blocks that snap together I ran into problems during testing - when I removed a block from the middle of a set I could not reinsert it.

Using a trial -and-error process, I tried making a collision mesh from a slightly smaller box and integrating it into the nif file. While that worked to some degree. I found that other items, such as a painting on a wall, ended up recessed into the wall.

Is there any software that will let me see the actual shape of the underlying collision mesh for a FO4 nif file?

Additionally, I am wondering if the default shape of the collision is simplified so that that it's shape extends beyond the borders of the visualized portion of the nif. If that is the case, I am wondering if the collision mesh can be created with a higher resolution (more triangles) to conform the shape c;loser to the visualized portion.